"a place to be known, to be encouraged, and to encounter Christ's love."

      I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.                              John 10:9        



    Frequently Asked Questions

    We try to anticipate questions you might have about our programs and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.


    What is The Gate?

    The Gate is a network of people committed to creating a place for young people in this community. A safe place to be known as individuals, to be encouraged to grow and learn, and to encounter Christ's love. The Gate Youth Association is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation whose mission is to demonstrate Christ's love to the youth of our community through academic, social, and spiritual activities. Our hope is to bring youth into a relationship with Christians who can share their faith. Our vision is a community where future generations experience, follow, and serve Christ.


    What ministries does The Gate offer?

    The Gate currently ministers to over 300 kids a week through three activities: Tuesday Lunch, Thursday @ The Gate, and After School Tutoring. Our plans are to expand these ministries once we have the facility needed to carry that out.


    What is Tuesday Lunch

    Every Tuesday during the school year, community volunteers prepare a lunch of "teen comfort food" for 150 high school students and staff. Students walk across the street, eat together, and hear a short inspirational talk. The program, now in its 23rd year, is funded through donations and small fee charged to participants.


    What is Thursdays @ The Gate?

    A recreational and social part of the collaboration between The Gate and Independence's Central High School. On Thursdays from 3-6 PM, nearly 100 students gather in a multipurpose room transformed into a recreation area each week by volunteers. Snacks are available in the afternoon and a free dinner is served at 5 PM. Volunteer staff interacts with the students as they socialize, seek advice, play games, get help with homework, use available computers, and hear a short inspirational talk.


    What is After School Tutoring?

    Volunteers for The Gate tutor students on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons in the Central High School library and on Thursdays at The Gate. The local school district was able to secure a 21st Century After School Program grant, largely due to the success of The Gate's tutoring program. This collaboration makes homework assistance and a warm snack available to students five days a week during the school year.


    When did The Gate get Started?

    Chris Robertson, First Baptist Youth Pastor at the time, brought the idea to the Youth Board who got excited about it and presented it to the Deacon Board in late 2003. The idea was presented to the community and the excitement for it has grown since. The Gate Youth Association was formed as an Oregon corporation in April of 2005.


    What influence will First Baptist Church have over activities at The Gate?

    Although The Gate Youth Association is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Board of Directors must have 5 of 9 members who are members of the church and 1 of the 9 must be an officer or elder of the church or on the staff of the church. This provides representatives of First Baptist the "majority" position on the board. The by-laws of The Gate Youth Association also specify that if "may not take actions or solicit funds, the acceptance of which would require action inconsistent with the Statement of Faith of First Baptist Church of Independence." Otherwise, The Gate is free to operate as it sees fit to meet its objectives. 


    Will any other organizations be able to use the facility?

    Although the focus of The Gate is on youth, it will be available for many other uses. Small Groups might hold a banquet. Seniors might host a potluck in The Gate. The YMCA will most likely take advantage of gym space when it is available. Church league basketball is certainly a possibility. Rentals for private events are also possible within the context of the mission of The Gate.


    How do I stay informed about The Gate?

    You can always talk with one of our board members who would love to talk about The Gate. We also publish a quarterly newsletter that we would be happy to mail to you. Just Contact Us.